Painting > Disarm, Benefit Show for Gays Against Guns

This shirt was created in the wake of the heartbreaking shooting at Parkland High School, which coincided with the 20th anniversary of my dad's murder. He was a beloved history teacher, who died needlessly right outside of Hoboken High School, in front of students.

Passing milestones of lost loved ones is hard and hitting such a big one while watching the Parkland community freshly endure the same pain was crushing. Since I'm now over twenty years into grieving, every time I think about someone new going through "square one" of this process, I feel so incredibly sorry for them. Far too many people in this country go through square one every day and begin replacing good milestones with sad ones.

The week of the Parkland shooting and my dad's anniversary, I painted this bird. Following my husband's suggestion, I put it on a shirt and used it to raise money to help end gun violence. To date, this shirt has raised over $11,000 for this cause.

Proceeds from this special edition sale will go to Gays Against Guns. They fight hard for this cause and I really admire them.

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