• Main Street Arts

    This October I have been invited to do a one month residency at Main Street Arts in Clifton Springs, NY. Meet the Artist in Residence

  • Whitney Biennial

    I will have a painting in the Whitney Biennial, working with Occupy Museums for their Debtfair project in the exhibition. Student loan debt has been an issue that I am interested in and examining the effects it has on many Americans, not only artists. But how does it effect artists in particular? I hope this is the beginning of more and continuing actions and conversations needed on this topic. What will it take for our government to take action in putting funds towards this enormous section of debt in our country and supporting the value of education? College and and going to your choice of university should not only be for the wealthy nor should any citizen carry a large burden of debt because if it.

  • Lacawac Artist Residency

    This spring I will be doing a two week residency at Lacawac nature preserve in Pennsylvania.

  • High Plains Highway Exhibit-Amarillo Museum of Art

    I am excited to have one of my Route 66 photos included in the High Plains Highway exhibit at Amarillo Museum of Art from November 11th-January 15th. The show includes images of the United States High Plains region. It coincides with the museum's other exhibit: The Open Road: Photography and the American Road Trip which will have photos from artists photographing the American road from the 1950's until today.

  • 1st installment of Route 66 project completed!

    In April I completed the first installment of my Route 66 project. I photographed along the road down seven of the states it passes. It is an exploration via photo and writing down this most iconic of American roads. Some paintings also got made whilst in hotel rooms. Since it is a continuing project, stay tuned for more information. For now you can find more information and photos that I have shared here on my site.